Why EzPCB:

when choosing a supplier, customers always need some reasons.The most concerned ones would be: price, capability, quality, and service. Let us tell you why choose EzPCB from those aspects.
China is widely known as a cost-effective producer of electronic products . Located in such a large electronic-manufacturing country, we can provide you with PCBs at the most competitive price in the world. What ever the order quantity is, EzPCB would be the most economical solution.
Most online PCB shops can only provide PCB less than 8 layers, but we can supply boards up to 40 Layers! Unlike those shops that limit the track width and space to 8mil, we can make 2.5mil tracks and 0.1mm holes, which is a big breakthrough in current PCB industry. Please Click Here to see our capability in detail.
All the products we supply meet the requirements of ISO 9001. Our PCBs are 100% RoHS and UL proved. some of our products can even meet the US military standard or pass IPC Class III testing.
EzPCB service that makes the ordering process simple and reliable:
* Online price calculator
* Online ordering and paying
* Online Live chat support
* Quick turn service for time critical customers
* Free re-fab for fault boards
* Free design rules checking
* Free passive components for prototyping boards
* One-stop solution for PCB fabricating and assembling

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