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Free Gifts:

Free Stuff Available For
1. Free components, include:
0402, 0603, 0805 resistors up to 200pcs.
0402, 0603, 0805 capacitors up to 30pcs.
Cylinder electrolytic capacitors up to 10pcs.
2.54mm pitch connectors, single or dual line, up to 100 pins.
Transistors, Diodes up to 10pcs.
ICs up to 3 pcs.
All the above items must be in our stock. Please check our stock and tell us what you want by email or in the comment box in order pages. The components must used on current PCB ordered from us.
Check the Free parts list to see what components you can get.

Any PCB order

2. Free components + Assembly
EzPCB can populate up to 50pcs components on one of the board of the order. Components can be supplied by customer or by EzPCB. Components can be SMD or through hole. BGA, QFN, ICs or connectors more than 60 pins are not included.

PCB orders over $200 (w/o shipping)

3. Free gadgets
Customers can obtain one of the gadgets selected from the 0¢ gadget list. There’re many out there: digital multimeter, solor battery, programming tools, cables… and many more.
Check the Free Gargets Llist to see what gadgets you can get.

PCB orders over $100(w/o shipping)


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