EzPCB Eductional Sponsorship:

EzPCB’s educational sponsorship plan is open to students in schools, colleges, universities or people from non-profit organizations. We proudly announce that our educational sponsorship plan has helped more than 70 teams with their projects in the past 4 years. Some of the teams won top awards in contests. Several students became CEO after graduation, and turned their projects into real products. Most of these students are still working with us.
Now EzPCB educational sponsorship plan is going to offer more products and services. Any individual or team who is working on projects related to electronic, robotic, radio, energy, sensing… is eligible to apply. You may have one or several of (depending on the project) the following products and services

What can you get:

1 Free PCB Prototyping service. 1 or 2 layer, total 5pcs, max single size 200 square cm, with solder mask and silkscreen
2 20% discount PCB fabricating service if option 1 is not enough for the project.
3 Free components for the project, including resistors, capacitors, connectors, cables, transistors, diodes, etc. We can’t guarantee that all parts are available, it depends on the stock. Usually we don’t offer free IC, but sometimes we can offer free IC of special types, like 74HC14.
4 20% discount for non-free electronic components
5 Free PCB-assembling for one board of the project.
6 Free design consulting service from our experts. We answer Questions related to schematic design, parts selection, PCB layout, testing or even mechanical design.
7 At least 20% discount of any other products and services of EzPCB if necessary
8 Any other help we can provide.

How to get:

Applicants can send us an email (sales@ezpcb.com) to apply for the sponsorship. The email must contain:
1 Name, email, address, country of applicant.
2 A brief introduction of the team (From which school, college, university or organization), how many members, who are they etc.)
3 A brief introduction of the project. What is the function, how does it works, what technoloty to use etc.
4 The purpose of the project. (for researching, learning, or take part in a contest etc.)
5 What do you need from us. If there’re design files or bill of material, please send them.

What to do:

As return applicants must do the following simple works for us:
1 Print “manufactured by EzpCB” on the PCBs
2 Add the link of EzPCB (http://www.ezpcb.com) to the project’s official website.
3 Mention that the project is sponsored by EzPCB in official document and website of the project.
4 Post at least 3 messages in related forums that mentions EzPCB. Must contains a url of our website.
5 Several post mentioned EzPCB in twitter, facebook, linkedin etc.

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