Introduction of Machining

Brief Introduction:

Machining is a processes by processing machinery precise remove the material. Machining mainly including manual processing and CNC processing two categories. Manual processing means mechanical workers manual milling machines, lathes, drilling and sawing machinery and equipment to achieve a method to processing a variety of materials. Manual processing suitable for samll qty, simple parts production. CNC processing means mechanical workers use CNC equipment to processing. CNC processing is in continuous manner to machin workpiece, suitable large qty, complex shape parts. Machining can adoption CAD/CAM system automatic programming CNC processing.


Mechanical machining process is in specific production condition use more rational processes and operation methods accordance with the specified way written into the process documents to guide production. In generally, Machining process including below content: workpiece machining process route , the specific content of each process and the needed equipment and the technical equipment, workpiece inspection projects and inspection methods and so on.



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