PCB Order:

      1. What is the difference for Ez-Proto, Ez-Fab and Ez-Adv services?

      2. How to place an order?

      3. How to pay for your order?

      4. How to place repeat order?

      5. How to track the order?

      6. What is the normal and quick turn lead time for prototype?

      7. What is the shipping method do you offer and what is the normal delivery time?

      8. What is the PCB file format do you accept?

      9. What is the certification do you have?

      10. What is your PCB capability?

PCB Assembly Order:

      1. I place a PCB order online, but I don’t make the payment. Can I get a assembly quote with PCB together and pay for total?

      2. What is the assembly file do you need?

      3. Can I send all components to you for my order?

      4. Do you order the parts directly from Digikey, Mouser & Farnell etc or replacements in China?

      5. What is normal lead time for PCBA order?

      6. Can I require to confirm the final product before first assembly?

      7. Is there any MOQ for assembly order?

      8. Can you ensure all parts are not fake?

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