Fast Prototyping

Introduction of Fast prototyping

Brief introduction:

Fast prototyping means Rapid prototyping, be called for short RP. RP is a quickly generate model or component manufacturing technology. Under the control and manage of computer, depend on the existing CAD data, adopting material stacking precise way. In other words, from the point into the surface, from the surface into three-dimensional, final generating entity. We can generating very complex entity depend
on this technology, and during the process no need any mold assist.

Crafts technology:

As far, there are more than ten different methods, for example, Stereolithography(SLA), layer overlay manufacture (LOM), selective laser sintering( SLS), fused deposition modeling (FDM), SGC, three-dimensional printing method( TDP), BPM and so on. Among of them, SLA is the earliest and most widely used technology, occupy about 70 percent for Rapid prototyping equipment.



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