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File Format:

EzPCB prefers compressed (zip, rar) gerber 274x and excellon files. If your pcb file is not in this format please convert it into gerber274x and excellon.
Altium designer PCBDoc file is also acceptable. Please save files as version not later than PCB5.0 so that the factory can open it without any problem.
Eagle users no need to be sad, it’s a minute’s work from Eagle *.brd to Gerber274x. Here’s a link telling you how to do it:

Eagle users can gererate the gerber files in one minute by the instructions in this page.
For Assembly, a Gerber file for solder paste, a Bill of material (better in Excel format) and a solder instruction in .txt or .doc format are required.
For stencil, a gerber file for solder paste is required. If special outline are required, a dwg, pdf or other format that shows the outline is required.
For enclosures, CAD drawing in Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks, Pro-E, an image or PDF is OK. For fast prototyping, 3D molding such as .stl file is required.
For keypads, a gerber file for the backplane and a coreldraw .cdr files are required.
For frontpanel, a 2D CAD drawing (dwg, pdf or image) is required.
For maching, 2D or 3D CAD drawing (image, pdf, Autocad, Inventor, Pro-E, Solidworks) is required.

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