Introduction of electronic component

Brief Introduction:

Electronic component is the basic of compose the electronic product, knowing the commonly categories, structure and property for electronic component and also can selection correct for it is the basic of learning and grasping electronic component.


Component and device this two categories be called Electronic component. The devices including active device and passive device. Among of them, IC is belong to active device, resistor and capacitor etc.belong to passive device.
Electronic components including: resistor, capacitor, potentiometer, electron tubes, radiator, electromechanical components, connectors, laser device, electronic display devices, optoelectronic devices, sensors, power supply, switch, micro &special motor, electronic transformer, relay, PCB, IC, all kinds of circuit, piezoelectric crystals, quartz, ceramic, magnetic material etc.

There are several main elements as below:
Resistors: The effect is reduce current in proportion to the applied voltage in accordance with Ohm’s Law.
Capacitors: used as filters or resonators to store charges and prevent DC current from flowing through.
Inductors: are coils of wire that produce magnetic fields when currents are applied to them.
Diodes: similar to resistors in that they resist current, but only in one direction


Electronics rule daily life in modern society. Without them we would not have smartphones or any of the innumerable other gadgets we rely on. In addition, many people enjoy creating new electronic devices as a hobby. If you are interested in creation, you can contact us. We also supply various electronic component and assembly.



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