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Other products and services:

EzPCB is a PCB supplier that can provide many kinds of PCB products. Besides normal FR-4 PCBs, there’re more special PCBs designed to meet requirments for different applications, such as high Tg for lead free, high frequency PCB for RF and microwave, heavy copper for high power, aluminum core for LEDs. EzPCB keeps on developing new technologies to meet all these requirments.

Actually EzPBC is far more than a PCB supplier. Customers can get many other products and services here in EzPCB, such as assembling, stencils, keypads, components, frontpanels, enclosures, canbles and even machining parts. In simple words, EzPCB can provide almost everything related to electronic products. It’s definitely an ideal choice for those who are looking for electronic products or related services.

Which service to use:

For small boards(<200mm x 200mm) 2,4,6 layers prototyping, please go with Ez-Proto Service. It's the best value instant quote and pay service. Customers can get 5pcs full featured boards at the lowest cost.
For small to medium batch (<5 square meters in total) 2,4,6 layers PCB order please go with Ez-Fab service. It's a low cost instant quote and pay service with more boards options such as color, thickness and fihish.
For the following special PCB requirments:

High layer count (>=8)
Large order quantity (>5 square meters)
HDI (blind and buried vias)
Impedance control
High Tg
Aluminum core
Rogers or teflon

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