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If you are looking for something related to electronics, here is the right place to go.

PCB (printed circuit board) is our major (and the most famous) product, but not the only one.  We provide a wide range of products that can meet almost all your requirements about electronics, such as flex PCB, components, cables, keypads enclosures, mechanical parts and so on.

EzPCB is also well knows as a contract manufacturer. We had produced more than 500 kind of different electronics products in 2012, most of them are totally turnkey service.

We provide a very simple way to place order for prototype to small quantity PCB orders. For other requirements you can also summit it online easily, our professional sales person will contact you at the soonest.

Start to work with us today, start your success today!


  1. Kanfa gunawan  December 26, 2016
    If i have eagle file not gerber file so can you make my pcb assy
  2. rajat  September 21, 2019
    Meka soundbar pcb

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