Introduction of keypad

Brief Introduction of keypad:

Keypad is an operating system of a key function, indicating element and the instrument panel as an one. Keypad have a good insulating properties and heat resistance. Consist of panel, top circuit layer, isolation layer and bottom circuit layer.In normally situation, the up and down contacts is an disconnected state. When press the switch, the contacts on up circuit turn downward, conduction with bottom circuit.while you loosen it, the up and down circuit is disconnected. Keypad is structured , beautiful appearance, good seal. And with anti-moisture, long life characteristics etc. widely used in electronic communications, electronic measuring instruments, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive, smart
topys, household appliances and other fields.

Type of keypad:

Flexible keypad: It is a typical form in membrane switch. For the panel layer, isolation layer and circuit layer consist of different nature flexible film.
Rigid keypad: The switch graphics and lines are producted in a common printed circuit CCL. The charactor of rigid keypad is process stability, low resistance, and can soldered some component directly on the back of circuit.




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