Introduction of Cables

Brief Introduction:

In electrical and electronic systems, a conductor or group of conductors for transmitting electric power or telecommunication signals from one place to another. Electric communication cables transmit voice messages, computer data, and visual images via electrical signals to telephones, wired radios, computers, teleprinters, facsimile machines, and televisions.


Electric cable including customized cable(client can send the sample or design to us to customized), DVI cable,component cable(splits the video signal into two or more components, including standard component cable and custom component cable), S-video cable(also called single video cable, is one of the most commonly used interface. In this way, it avoids the image distortion caused by internal signal interference, increases the image definition), coax RF cable, composite video cable(are essential wires that usually consist of three multi colored ends, and are used to transmit both sound and picture from your audio and video equipment to your television set).


Electric cable widely applied in our everyday life.



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